Welcome to the I-SAIL network website

I-SAIL is short form for Nordic Initiative for promoting Student Activities for Independent and Lifelong Learning in Physiotherapy.

The I-SAIL network has received NordPlus-funding for two consecutive years to develop resources for promoting student-centered learning activities in physiotherapy education. The network partners are teachers involved in teaching anatomy and applied anatomy at physiotherapy programs in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. You find more information about the partners by clicking on the “ABOUT I-SAIL”-button in the top menu.

Project website

This is the pilot website for the I-SAIL network. The website is currently under construction.

At this website, we present experiences from the I-SAIL collaboration, and we are in the process of uploading resources we have developed during the project period. The resources are primarily designed to aid teachers in the learning design process and the implementation of learning activities. You may access published resources by clicking on the “TOOLKIT”-button in the top menu.

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